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14 Sep 2016


So ... what is your view about married priests?
Is it OK for a priest to fall in love?
What if he does. Should he leave the priesthood?
Or can he marry and remain a priest?
If the marriage vows are for life then ...
why isn't the vow of celibacy the same, for life?
What about married priests from other denominations joining the Catholic Church?

TO LOVE A PRIEST - by Victor S E Moubarak

27 Jul 2016

Please Pray along with Me for Our Priests

I am hosting this pray along of a novena of novenas for the protection of our priests and deacons, as well as the conversion of our enemies--not only for our sake, but the sake of their souls. Please pray along with me and share this with your friends and family, our clergy needs our prayers and petitions more than they ever have!

Please visit Veils and Vocations for more information and the novena prayers. God bless.

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