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17 Jun 2017

A Prayer for Wisdom

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How Often Do We Think to Turn to God for Wisdom?

There are things in this world that clearly perplex me.
Illness, Death, Poverty
Just to name a few.

There are things to surprise and delight me as well.
There I need your guidance
on which you have for me and to know my limits.

Generous are your ways, it is clear you hold nothing back
except for that which is not for my best.
For YOU know the plans you have alone for me.

2 Nov 2011

Motherhood Matters

In Motherhood Matters, Canadian author Dorothy Pilarski writes with profundity and wit about matters practical and divine. Full of anecdotes and humor, this book makes us take an honest look at the lives of women today, and helps us to focus on what matters most. Has "liberation" truly led to greater happiness for women? Are children to be viewed as commodities, to be acquired just as we acquire a house or car? Or should children be seen as the gifts from God that they are, given to our stewardship? Dorothy makes it clear that until we rectify our confusion about such basic questions then peace of heart will elude us. To quote:
We will find happiness in living out God's purpose for our lives, not our own. The culture of the early twenty-first century makes it easy to follow mistaken paths. The media bombards us with the temptation to fulfill ourselves, to find ourselves, to meet our own needs. It is a message of selfishness. And it is spread constantly. Magazines, television, radio, films, books, and the internet promote images of the 'ideal' career, body, fashion, home, car, vacation, husband, and parenting. These 'ideals"' are often reinforced by friends and family. Influenced by these 'ideals,' many of us make important life decisions without first considering our relationship with Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith...As Catholic mothers, we are called to dig deep into our hearts and pray that we are actually co-operating with God's grace...Our children are gifts from our Creator who has entrusted the souls of our children to us. (pp18-19)
Motherhood Matters is broken into many small sections which makes it easy for busy people to read, yet it is never disjointed; one paragraph flows seamlessly into another. Dorothy substantiates her claims about women and motherhood, about divorce, illegitimacy, diseases, and all the trials of modern life, with statistics of several recent studies, not only with pious beliefs. Yet the statistics uphold the piety, showing that when we depart from God and his law we pay, our children pay, and all society pays. (pp.31-32) We see that many women are often forced to set aside their childbearing years in order to make money. Even after the children are born, women must often forgo being with their children and creating a home in order to be part of the work force.

It is obvious that our culture no longer values motherhood or sees it as a goal. Instead, it is a sideline, to be pursued only when convenient. Is this fair to women? No, and it is definitely not fair to children. Women are repeatedly told that they must be breadwinners like men in order to be of value. Other than the ability to make money, women are reduced to their sexuality and have come to see themselves as worthwhile only as far as physical pleasure goes.

Can things ever be made right? Motherhood Matters explores many simple and practical ways that women can reclaim their feminine vocation. How easily we ignore the most obvious truths, which Dorothy illustrates with short stories from her personal experience. It is a book which entertains and yet it is impossible to read it without taking a good hard look at oneself. Throughout the book we are enjoined to turn to prayer as the key to finding the path we are called to take as women and as mothers. We are encouraged to watch and pray, especially when we have teenagers. As Dorothy says:
Remaining grounded in a fervent prayer life and being aware of the dangerous messages that exist in the media can better equip parents to understand the challenges that vulnerable teenage girls wrestle with. Awareness leads to conversations we might have never had. But be prepared. I guarantee that those conversations will challenge you, yet I cannot imagine a life without them. (p.99)
The choice that lies before each of us is between a life of authentic love and one of  fleeting material gratifications. No one can make the choice for us. Reading a book like Dorothy's makes it easier to choose a life of love, a life which foreshadows the eternity of endless happiness and fulfillment.

Here is an interview of Dorothy Pilarski by author Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle.

(*Note: This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.)

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13 Jun 2011

Spiritual Guidance - Becoming a Saint

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Happy Feast of St. Anthony of Padua!

The following is from an old Catholic newspaper article that my mom has on her refrigerator.  I find it useful to read and follow at least one of these suggestions daily.

"...1. No matter what happens, try to let no displeasure appear.

2. If possible, attend daily Mass and secure God's blessing on your work.

3. Bear daily annoyances in a spirit of resignation in your imitation of the Mother of Sorrows.

4. You are aching to tell a bit of news. Wait an hour; it will keep.

5. Are you in bad humor? Laugh if possible.

6. When you hear the clock strike, repeat the indulgenced prayers, "Divine Heart of Jesus, convert sinners, save the dying and release souls from purgatory."

7. Have you received a letter? Wait a while before reading it.

8. Do you wish to avoid certain persons? Say a little prayer and put yourself in the way to meet them. God goes before you.

9. Do good to the souls of others by a kind word of encouragement, or a prayer softly breathed.

10. Should you feel inclined to make uncharitable remarks, let your words instead be kind and considerate.

11. You are tempted to eat or drink between meals. Abstain in honor of your mortified Savior.

12. It does not please you to go to a certain place. Go for that reason.

13. You are impelled to speak and act while excited. Wait: let the storm pass.

14. Attend Benediction whenever you can. God's blessing should not be slighted.

15. Make the Stations when you can.

16. Perhaps you are tempted to criticize your neighbor. Say to him, or her, only what is good, or be silent.

17. Are you tempted to anger? Conquer yourself for the love of your meek and gentle Savior.

18. When you have time to spare, go before the Blessed Sacrament and make the holy hour.

19. You are inclined to say your prayers hurriedly. Take time; prolong them.

20. Everything tries and irritates you. Bear all through love.

21. Offer an extra holy Communion for those who are dear to you.

22. Somebody possesses the happy faculty of irritating you. Keep cool.

23. Bear with the failings of others if you wish Jesus to be patient with you.

24. Is there opportunity for some slight revenge or a sharp word? Show yourself polite and obliging.

25. You would like to eat a fruit or taste a dainty. Refrain: Jesus ask this of you.

26. You are disposed to complain when you suffer. Thank Jesus for granting you a splinter of His Cross and endure silently.

27. Are you worried about a loved one? Trust the dear Sacred Heart and all will be well.

28. Often make the Sign of the Cross and use holy water. Give the indulgence to the souls in Purgatory.

29. Present a bouquet of flowers to your sweet Jesus; ten mortifications daily.

30. Hide the faults of others and Our dear Lord will hide yours.

31. Let no day pass without saying a decade of the Rosary for the conversion of Sinners.

32. Have your feeling been injured? Offer the mortification to the Mother of Sorrows.

33. If you feel inclined to brood over past sorrows, call to mind the many graces for which you should be grateful.

34. Win a sweet smile from Jesus by a daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Pray for sinners.

35. Practice self-forgetfulness and consider the interests of others.

36. Frequently during the day make a Spiritual Communion -- say often: "My God I love Thee and desire to receive Thee into my poor hear."

37. Say a decade of the Rosary for the sick, those in affliction, and for the aching hearts throughout the world

38. You wish to do something simply because it pleases you. Omit it and give the merit to the souls in Purgatory.

39. Confide to God alone your anxieties, your discouragements regarding your dear ones. Ask Jesus what to do and say.

40. Try to cultivate devotion to Our Lord's Passion. This will give comfort in the sorrows that must come to all."

Imprimatur: +James A. McNulty, Bishop of Paterson, April 1, 1958

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